Strengthen our Democracy

Bonnie Crombie at Rally

As a Mayor, I have fought for electoral processes that are fair and effectively represent the priority of the voters, ensuring members of all orders of government are elected through representation by population, and restructuring Regional governments to help them become more responsive to our residents, democratically legitimate, and efficient. If I receive the honour to serve you as the Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, and eventually the Premier of Ontario, I will:

  • Support the idea of launching a Citizens’ Assembly to receive objective, non-partisan, and independent recommendations on advancing electoral reform in Ontario.
  • Allow municipalities once again to choose a ranked-ballot system in their municipal elections and potentially introduce electronic voting.  
  • Raise the refundable nomination filing fee and the number of endorsements needed for a candidate to run for the position of Mayor in a municipality to facilitate healthy and constructive democratic engagement. 
  • Drive regulatory and legislative changes that enhance transparency, accountability, and democratic practices while ensuring effective representation of members of racialized and marginalized communities, women, and 2SLGBTQ+ people within Ontario’s political parties.  

I continue to travel the province and want to hear from you. Do you have an idea? Email us.