Put Healthcare First

Bonnie in a care facility

Kind and Compassionate Care for All of Us

Ontario is renowned for its universal single-payer, publicly-funded healthcare system, globally recognized hospitals, and the skills and expertise of its healthcare professionals. Yet, Doug Ford is deliberately underfunding our healthcare system and our system is on the brink of collapse.

Ontario deserves better. Your tax dollars should be spent on creating the best healthcare system on earth, not paying dividends to the shareholders of private healthcare corporations.

Ontario needs an approach that’s patient-centered, delivers the right type of service at the right time by the right kind of service providers, prioritizes the well-being of healthcare workers, and is guided by evidence-based practices, experts, and stakeholders.

Under my leadership, Ontario Liberals will build a strong, resilient, and dynamic healthcare system for everyone in this province. These are some of the ideas I’ve heard from you:

Defend universal publicly-funded healthcare

  • Staunchly defend the Canada Health Act and Commitment to the Future of Medicare Act
  • Eliminate loopholes that allow corporations to bypass Canada Health Act
  • Combat profiteering by abolishing predatory recruiting practices and regulating temporary nursing agencies through full implementation of Bill 67
  • Ensure all medically necessary care is covered by OHIP
  • Clear the surgical backlog without resorting to private for-profit surgical centres

Look after the people who look after us

  • Champion all healthcare workers through implementing a health human resource (HHR) strategy, passing Bill 72, Health Professionals’ Week and streamlining the accreditation process for internationally trained healthcare workers
  • Ensure fair pay by repealing the unconstitutional and wage-capping Bill 124
  • Create safer work environments in healthcare settings, give ten paid sick days for everyone, and deliver appropriate levels of care for all healthcare workers (MPP John Fraser’s Bill 54)
  • Put support in place to improve performance and retention

Primary care for all of us

  • Recruit more family doctors by adopting a data-driven provincial staffing strategy, increasing domestic training, expanding integration of internationally-trained physicians and delivering incentives to attract workers to remove, rural and underserved regions
  • Support more family doctors by prioritizing team-based care, reducing administrative red tape, integrating electronic medical records, investing in R&D and innovative technologies, and creating a centralized referral system
  • Retain more family doctors by supporting partnerships across the spectrum and modernize payment models
  • Build a comprehensive system of care, expand Nurse Practioner-led clinics, and improve access to virtual and telehealth technologies

Connect people to urgent care faster

  • Maintain and expand hospitals to prevent hospital and emergency department closures Develop a Code Black/Zero Strategy to ensure 911 is a reliable service
  • Ensure adequate after-hour support so emergency departments are used for emergencies
  • Reduce wait lists by establishing a transparent surgical and diagnostic backlog clearance strategy, including a centralized referral system

Deliver care in the right place at the right time – at home and in the community

  • Guarantee home care for seniors, committing to a needs-based home and community care service level guarantee for seniors and people with long-term disabilities
  • Deliver wage parity between staff in home, community, long-term, and acute care sectors
  • Raise the base minimum wage for Personal Support Workers to $25/hour and Registered Practical Nurses to $35/hour
  • Promote coordinated care by establishing an integrated model for continuity of care
  • Drive innovation through allocating funding for Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities and more

Restore faith and trust in long-term care

  • Expand the availability of beds through working with community groups, not-for-profit organizations, and municipalities
  • End the Ford government’s coercive Bill 7
  • Implement all 76 recommendations from Ombudsperson Paul Dubé
  • Ensure stricter oversight and inspections of LTC homes
  • Modernize the design guidelines of LTC homes
  • Deliver coordinated care for LTC to partner with local healthcare providers
  • Ensure a minimum amount of direct care for each resident
  • Deliver culturally appropriate care for seniors
  • Harmonize standards of care with the new national standards with the federal government
  • Ensure better staffing ending the exodus of Personal Support Workers and nurses from the LTC sector by paying them fairly and equitably
  • Require emergency planning for outbreaks, pandemics and emergencies

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

  • Prioritize public health
  • Create healthy living spaces
  • Address food insecurity
  • Implement timely Cancer Care making Ontario a leader in prevention, screening, early detection, and treatment
  • Develop chronic disease strategies for prevention, early detection and treatment strategies

Please read the full plan for the full details and if you have more ideas to help rebuild our Party and province, please email us at [email protected]